.... Sarah has a no-nonsense direct approach, which gets to the core of the issue very quickly. Client, London

How does Personal Life Coaching Work?

As your Personal Life Coach I will work with you on a one-to-one basis, looking at the areas in your life that you feel are lacking right now.

As well as these areas we will look at your life as a whole. Why? Well, it's all connected. If you are a newly separated parent who is struggling with the juggling of career, family, friends, health etc., then each of those areas will be affected by the knock-on effect of the original problem (breakup of relationship).

For example, your kids will suffer from their overstressed parent, who is always cranky and never has time to spend with them anymore (family). You won't have time or money to feed them the good healthy organic food they were used before 'all this happened' (health/finance). Time to go to the gym (exercise/timeout/health/social) you're kidding right? Gym membership is a luxury that you can't afford right now (finance/career)….. and so it goes on. You get the point.

I use Astrology charts, as a support tool, in my Personal Life Coaching sessions. I find this approach incredibly motivational for my clients. You can be assured that you are getting an individual experience in coaching, that is truly based on working with the individual that is who you really are!

Life Coaching STEP 1

The first thing we will do is look at your Astrology chart, this will highlight the likely challenges you face in this life, and will help you understand why you have problems in certain areas - be they relationships, finances, family career etc. Your chart is also a blue print for your strengths and gifts, and you will be reminded of the 'you' that is under the every day mask that you present to the world. It is that real inner you that gets lost along the way, and through life coaching you can claim him/her back!

We will get a view of where you are at this moment in time, right here and now. We will look at the key area you think needs the most work, whilst looking at how well balanced the other areas are also. We will establish what you don't want in your life and that usually gives us a great place to start working on what you do want!