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My mission is to help you find the tools and techniques that will help you deal with your everyday life with more inner calm, peace and balance. We can’t stop the negative stuff happening in life, but we can find better ways of dealing with it. Ways that are nurturing, life changing, uplifting and empowering.

Your Personal Life Coach

Who am I?

I am still discovering that!

I am not the same as I was yesterday, I am not who I will be tomorrow.

Life taught me from an early age to be independent. I still am. Along the way I have learned many life lessons, some joyful and some painful. Haven’t we all?

I have known extreme happiness and extreme loneliness.

I have been very much in love and I have unfairly lost that same love and grieved.

I have experience epiphanies and I have held my head in my hands wishing I had the answers.

I have been free, I have felt trapped.

I have sought and I have found. I have found and I have lost…

I have had great plans, they turned out. I have gone with the flow, and that worked too. And sometimes nothing seemed to work!

I have known what I want out of life, and I have woken up wondering what the heck it is all about!

Just like night has day, the dark has light. We experience one, to understand the other.

Every year is a new chapter. Every day a new page. The pages keep turning. And I keep learning… and every now and then, I catch myself having a ‘life doesn’t get any better than this’ moment. It is in those moments that I understand how the rest of it all fits together!

…..the rest is just labels!